Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Newly registered Hevilift Twin Otter VH-YWJ

Noted today Hevilift Twin Otter wearing new registration VH-YWJ and new Hevilift scheme operating a test flight from Cairns-Innisfail-Cairns.

VH-YWJ DHC6 at Cairns.

VH-YWJ DHC6 at Cairns.

Gulfstream G550 B-8269

B8269 GLF5 Sydney-Cairns

B8269 G550 at Cairns.

USAF Gulfstream V C-37A 01-0028

SPAR35 01-0028 C37A Honolulu-Townsville-Alice Springs

01-0028 C37A at Townsville, Photo by Graham.

Monday, 24 July 2017

L-3 Communications Learjet N16FN

Learjet N16FN has been in Amberley for the last couple of weeks in support of the Talisman Sabre exercise.
The Learjet provides airborne electronic warfare and electronic countermeasures support for training of aircrews and shipboard personnel.

RTD16 N16FN LJ36 Amberley-Cairns-Andersen AFB, was PGUA-YBCS-YAMB 10/7/2017

"Riptide 16" N16FN LJ36 at Cairns.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Armee De L'air Francaise Casa CN-235M 065

CTM1162 065 CN35 Darwin-Cairns-Noumea, was Noumea-Cairns-Darwin 20/7/2017

065 CN35 at Cairns.

Friday, 21 July 2017

US Army ARC Huron C-12V 95-0092 drops in

PAT92 95-0092 (95-00092) C-12V Townsville-Cairns-Townsville

95-0092 C-12V at Cairns.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

FNQ Monthly Movements Summary - June 2017

Date Callsign Registration AC Type Route / Location Operator Comments
1/06/2017 WHSE034 A40-034 MRH90 TSV-CNS-YBSG Army
1/06/2017 WHSE028 A40-028 MRH90 TSV-CNS-YBSG Army
1/06/2017 WHSE038 A40-038 MRH90 TSV-CNS-YBSG Army
1/06/2017 WHSE032 A40-032 MRH90 TSV-CNS-YBSG Army
1/06/2017 WHSE039 A40-039 MRH90 TSV-CNS-YBSG Army
1/06/2017 P2-IRM DHC6 CNS-POM Hevilift
1/06/2017 F-OIAY DHC6 OOL-MKY-CNS Air Loyaute
2/06/2017 VH-IQH B06 CNS-CNS Hevilift
2/06/2017 P2-SWZ BE20 POM-CNS South West Air
3/06/2017 QFA108 VH-QPA A333 PEK-SYD divert CNS-SYD Qantas Crew change
3/06/2017 N777DY C680 MAJ-CNS
4/06/2017 GAP5007 RP-C3031 DH8D BIK-CNS Philippine Air maintenance
4/06/2017 N777DY C680 CNS-DRW
5/06/2017 P2-SWZ BE20 CNS-POM South West Air
5/06/2017 FJI2006 DQ-FJH B738 XSP-CNS-NAN Fiji Air
6/06/2017 VH-HPP BE20 CNS-TWB
6/06/2017 VH-RIU HS25 CNS-PER
7/06/2017 N889JA GLEX SYD-CNS
7/06/2017 A37-002 CL60 CBR-CNS RAAF
8/06/2017 A37-002 CL60 CNS-SGO
8/06/2017 P2-SIB KODI POM-CNS SIL Aviation
8/06/2017 N2480H GLF5 (HND)-TSV-HTI
9/06/2017 P2-SIB KODI CNS-POM SIL Aviation
9/06/2017 N889JA GLEX CNS-SYD-WOL
10/06/2017 N2480H GLF5 HTI-CNS
11/06/2017 P2-SWE DHC6 POM-CNS South West Air
13/06/2017 N2480H GLF5 CNS-HND
14/06/2017 YJ-RV10 DHC6 CNS-POM Air Vanuatu
14/06/2017 N777DY C680 BNE-CNS
14/06/2017 A1333 C130 XRH-TSV TNI AU ex RAAF
14/06/2017 VH-JEC CL60 MEB-CNS-MEB Global Jet
14/06/2017 DEST041 A40-041 MRH90 TSV-CNS-TSV Army
15/06/2017 N777DY C680 CNS-MAJ
15/06/2017 TBJ75 N888NS GALX MCY-CNS
15/06/2017 VH-MRQ BE20 BIK-CNS RFDS Delivery, ex C-GTSV
16/06/2017 TBJ75 N888NS GALX CNS-DRW-PNH
16/06/2017 VH-MRQ BE20 CNS-BWU RFDS Delivery, ex C-GTSV
16/06/2017 N716LY EC30 TSV-MRG-north
17/06/2017 ZK-OMT PA32 arr'd CNS
18/06/2017 VDA3050 RA82043 A124 NKG-CNS Volga Dnepr Freight
19/06/2017 P2-NTZ KODI POM-CNS New Tribes Mission Av
20/06/2017 ZK-OMT PA32 CNS-SHR
20/06/2017 P2-SWE DHC6 CNS-POM South West Air
20/06/2017 PK-ICK C208 MKQ-CNS Pegasus Air Services maintenance
21/06/2017 P2-NTZ KODI CNS-POM New Tribes Mission Av
21/06/2017 P2-NTK KODI POM-CNS New Tribes Mission Av
22/06/2017 PK-OCH DHC6 MKQ-WEI-CNS Air Fast Indonesia
22/06/2017 CNV7448 165835 C40 QPG-TSV US Navy
23/06/2017 P2-NTK KODI CNS-POM New Tribes Mission Av
23/06/2017 VH-OAA F900 SYD-CNS
23/06/2017 F-PMHJ RV6 OOL-CNS
23/06/2017 CNV7448 165835 C40 TSV-UAM US Navy
25/06/2017 F-PMHJ RV6 CNS-DRW
26/06/2017 N850DL TBM8 OOL-MCY-CNS-KRB-CNS
26/06/2017 CNV7502 163591 KC130T BWN-DRW-TSV US Navy
27/06/2017 PK-ICK C208 CNS-MKQ Pegasus Air Services
27/06/2017 P2-NTZ KODI POM-CNS New Tribes Mission Av
27/06/2017 N850DL TBM8 CNS-MCY-OOL
27/06/2017 N523AC GLF5 (GRR-HNL)-TSV-HTI
27/06/2017 GHOST53 165153 C20G TSV-CBR US Navy
27/06/2017 CNV7502 163591 KC130T TSV-UAM US Navy
27/06/2017 PSWD30/33 /// & 162175 C2 x 2 DRW-TSV US Navy Ex Talisman Sabre 2017
28/06/2017 SPOCK41 13-5775 C130 UAM-CNS-XRH USAF
28/06/2017 VH-OAA F900 CNS-MEB
28/06/2017 ASY335 A37-003 CL60 CBR-SYD-HIR-CNS RAAF
28/06/2017 CNV7601 163591 KC130T UAM-TSV  US Navy
29/06/2017 P2-NTZ KODI CNS-POM New Tribes Mission Av
29/06/2017 ASY335 A37-003 CL60 CNS-HIR-SYD-CBR RAAF
29/06/2017 CMB560 N546JN MD11 DNA-TSV Western Global Airlines
29/06/2017 CNV7966 164106 KC130T UAM?-TSV-ROK US Navy
29/06/2017 KIW757 NZ7002 C130 WPE-TSV RNZAF
29/06/2017 KIW285 NZ7572 B752 WPE-TSV RNZAF Repaint
29/06/2017 ANZ165/166 ZK-NZG B789 AKL-CNS-AKL Air New Zealand First Ops ANZ B787-9
30/06/2017 VDA3051 RA82043 A124 CNS-DRW Volga Dnepr
30/06/2017 N523AC GLF5 HTI-CNS
30/06/2017 WGN8560 N546JN MD11 TSV-DNA Western Global Airlines
30/06/2017 CNV7500 166693 C40 UAM-TSV-UAM US Navy
30/06/2017 CNV7602 163591 KC130T UAM-TSV-UAM US Navy

Friday, 30 June 2017

Volga Dnepr An-124 RA-82043 departs

30/6/2017 - VDA3051 RA82043 A124 Cairns-Darwin

RA82043 A124 at Cairns.

RA82043 A124 at Cairns.

RA82043 A124 at Cairns.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Tigerair's Inaugural Service Melbourne-Townsville today

Tigerair commenced 4 weekly return services today from Melbourne to Townsville. Below are some pictures captured by Graham of Tigerair's first flight into Townsville!

TGG728/729 A320 VH-VNR Melbourne-Townsville-Melbourne

VH-VNR A320 at Townsville, Photo by Graham.

VH-VNR A320 at Townsville, Photo by Graham.

Air Fast Indonesia Twin Otter PK-OCH arrives

PK-OCH DHC6 Merauke-Weipa-Cairns

PK-OCH DHC6 at Cairns.

PK-OCH DHC6 at Cairns.

PK-OCH DHC6 at Cairns.